Chantelle La Marais Demi Bra Front.jpg
chantelle basic invisible bra main.jpg
Chantelle Nude Hedona Bra Front.jpg
chantelle opera thong ivory.jpg
Opera Thong 1279
Chantelle $56
Chantelle Red Revele Moi Bra.jpg
Chantelle Black Basic Invisible Bra Front.jpg
Chantelle Black Hedona Bra Front.jpg
Chantelle Black Revele Moi Front.jpg
Chantelle White Reveal Moi.jpg
Chantelle Nude Parisian Bra Front.jpg
Chantelle Black Parisian Bra Front.jpg
Chantelle Parisian Purple.jpg
Chantelle Nude Revele Moi Front.jpg
Chantelle Parisian Red.jpg
Chantelle Ruby Le Marais Front.jpg
Chantelle Le Marais Cappucino Demi Front.jpg
Le Marais Nude Lace Demi
Chantelle $84
Chantelle White Presage Front.jpg
White Presage Lace Demi
Chantelle $110
Chantelle Champs Elysee Sapphire Boyshort.jpg
Chantelle Champs Elysee Sapphire Thong.jpg
Chantelle Ruby Presage Panty.jpg
Chantelle Luxemberg Navy Bra.jpg
Chantelle Red Luxembourg Bra.jpg
Chantelle Navy Luxembourg Thong.jpg
Luxembourg Thong
Chantelle $50
Chantelle Ruby Luxemberg Thong .jpg
Ruby Luxembourg Thong
Chantelle $50
Chantelle Black Presage Demi Front.jpg
Black Presage Lace Demi
Chantelle $110
Chantelle Ruby Presage Demi.jpg
Ruby Presage Lace Demi
Chantelle $110
Chantelle Black Le Marais Demi Front.jpg
Chantelle Champs Elysee Sapphire Demi Front.jpg
With more than 130 years of expertise in lingerie, Chantelle Paris has a tradition of French brilliance and has long been striving to make the best lingerie. Over time Chantelle has spread, with customers all over the world. As the world leader in French lingerie, Chantelle's success comes from an avant-guard outlook for women in search of elegant, comfortable lingerie. The craft, expertise and design secrets are passed down from generations of seamstresses. Inspired by its heritage and a desire to create undergarments that fit perfectly and are made with the purest, most delicate fabrics, Chantelle knows that innovation and high-quality comes from the best lingerie fabrics and a manufacturing process that skips no detail. The brand made the first molded bra models by using microfiber technology and by mastering the manufacture of t-shirt bras. Order the finest Chantelle bras, shorties, panties and bustiers from the carefully picked selections on our online lingerie boutique. Our Chantelle collection of bras and panties range in style from molded underwire and demi-cup, push-up, plunge, to full cup, giving Chantelle Paris fans a pleasant variety to choose from. We offer cheeky shorts, Mutine thongs, bikinis, and more. The latest collection offers women everyday underwear crafted from the finest fabrics to achieve the best fit and boast similar characteristic to couture lingerie design.