Meet Rebecca

Like most spiritual sages and prophets, Rebecca Apsan literally had her first brush with fate as a little girl. She experienced the satisfaction of silk when her mother's nightgown used to cloak her arm at bedtime when she was being tucked in. Enjoying the sensation of having soft, delicate fabrics run through her fingertips, Rebecca sought out to embrace her femininity through the beauty and sophistication of lingerie.

After witnessing the transformative power of what a sexy bra and sheer stockings could do both for herself and her husband at the time, Rebecca needed to find a way to keep her lingerie replenished as it was perpetually being ripped off. Deciding to spread the good gospel and supply the women of Greenwich Village with sexy, chic under garments, Rebecca set up shop 160 square feet of an old kosher rotisserie chicken spot.

Trading out one kind of breast for another, La Petite Coquette got the attention of women across the city. Eventually receiving global recognition and authoring the critically acclaimed guide, Lessons in Lingerie, Rebecca transcended from lingerie enthusiast into the "Bra Guru."

Educating, empowering, and uplifting all those whom enter into her temple of pink and satin, (which has moved across the street from the original location), Rebecca aims to evoke and celebrate "the little flirt" in every woman.

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