Tulle Forming Dress
Wolford $245
wolford velvet 50 knee high.jpg
wolford opaque naturel forming top.jpg
Luxe 9 Toeless Tights
Wolford $30
wolford zip tights.jpg
Zip Tights
Wolford $115
wolford pure 50.jpg
Pure 50 Tights
Wolford $55
wolford velvet sensation leggings.jpg
wolford new affaire 10 blk.jpg
Affaire 10 Stockings
Wolford $45
wolford alyssia knee highs.jpg
Alyssia Knee-Highs
Wolford $38
wolford alyssia tights.jpg
Alyssia Tights
Wolford $72
wolford athens top main white.jpg
Athens Top
Wolford $160
wolford cashmere silk.jpg
Cashmere Silk Tights
Wolford $255
wolford cordoba pullover main white.jpg
Cordoba Pullover Top
Wolford $230
wolford day night stay ups.jpg
wolford evelyn stay ups.jpg
Evelyn Stay-Ups
Wolford $65
wolford evelyn tights.jpg
Evelyn Tights
Wolford $153
Founded in Austria, Wolford constantly strives to improve the silk texture of its hosiery line. Known for using innovative technology, the brand makes the best hosiery by blending lycra into the knit, creating a satin sheen and silky lustre. Wolford's advanced computer systems generate new patterns that, together with new yarns and high-tech knitting equipment, create finely detailed pieces of intimate garments of the best quality. The brand's technological innovation and search for perfection in the hosiery industry has turned the company into an iconic powerhouse in the fashion lingerie industry, often being branded as the most famous, luxurious hosiery line in the world. Wolford offers bodysuits, naked tights, pullovers, stay-ups and tops as well. Always combining technological developments with extensively avant-guard quality, Wolford makes opaque hosiery as well as sheer designs, shiny silk, seamless and sexy back seem tights. The full lineup of Wolford's creative designs is available here. Featured at all the major seasonal fashion events, Wolford envisions the next trends and seasonal colors, which include patterned leggings and other sassy hosiery. This practice has seen their sexy knee-high leggings and tights used with the clothing lines of iconic designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, among others. The brand has always stayed true to its vision and continues to maintain an impressive reputation in the industry. The Little Flirt is proud to offer a wide variety of Wolford products in intimate online shop. Buy Wolford bodysuits, naked tights, pullovers, stay-ups, and comfortable tops and order online here at La Petite Coquette.