To say we've seen a few pairs in our day would be quite an understatement. Established in 1979, La Petite Coquette has been dressing (and undressing) the women of New York City for over 35 years. In a world where everyone is plugged into devices and disconnected, we pride ourselves on keeping the "intimate" in intimate apparel.

We've been in the fitting room for first dates, honeymoons abroad, and 50th wedding anniversaries. Our Coquettes have also been there for the break ups, reinvention, and daily transformations that make us part of the human experience. No matter if you are celebrating romance or newfound singledom, an occasion isn't required to celebrate yourself.

Instead of hiding, masking, or covering up the aspects about our bodies and selves that we struggle with, let's get out of the bra denial embrace what we do love. Life is too short to wallow and wish for a "better this" or "different that." Here at La Petite Coquette we believe that self-confidence and empowerment comes not from the bra the woman is wearing but from the woman wearing the bra. So own it! Take a break from the New York Minute and let our Coquettes remind you of who that woman is standing in front of the mirror. We "derriere" you :)

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