Cosabella Never Say Never Black Tanga.Jpg
Cosabella Never Navy Tanga.Jpg
Cosabella Never Say Never Blush Tanga.Jpg
Cosabella Never Say Never Paradise Pink Tanga.Jpg
Cosabella Never Say Never Dove Grey Tanga.Jpg
Hanky Panky Low Sapphire Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Low Red Thong Front.jpg
Low Rise Red Thong 4911
Hanky Panky $20
Hanky Panky Low Rise Lemongrass Thong Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Low Passion Pink Thong Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Low Rise Black Thong Front.jpg
Low Rise Black Thong 4911
Hanky Panky $20
Hanky Panky Low Rise Suntan Thong Front.jpg
Low Rise Suntan Thong 4911
Hanky Panky $20
Hanky Panky Low Rise Chai Thong.jpg
Low Rise Chai Thong 4911
Hanky Panky $20
Hanky Panky Low Nightshadow Thong Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Low Bliss Pink Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Low Rise Pistacio Thong.jpg
Hanky Panky Low Powder Blue Thong Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Black Retro Thong.jpg
Retro Black Lace Thong
Hanky Panky $23
Hanky Panky Red Retro Thong Front.jpg
Retro Red Lace Thong
Hanky Panky $23
Hanky Panky Chai Retro Thong.jpg
Retro Chai Lace Thong
Hanky Panky $23
Hanky Panky Black Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Hot Pink Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Sapphire Blue Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Buttercup Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Nightshadow Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Bliss Pink Short Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Chai Lace Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Orange Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Marshmellow Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Sunkissed Yellow Boyshort.jpg
Hanky Panky Black Vkini Front.jpg
Hanky Panky Chai V-kini.jpg
Cosabella NEVER shorty main.jpg
eberjey delirious thong white main.jpg
Delirious Thong
Eberjey $20
eberjey delirious shorty white.jpg
cosabella trenta thong black.jpg
Trenta Thong
Cosabella $24
cosabella trenta shorty black main.jpg
Trenta Hotpants
Cosabella $34
timpa thong bge main.jpg
hanky panky signature crotchless thong black.jpg
Signature String 482051
Hanky Panky $18
hanky panky cotton shorty blk main.jpg
Cotton Conscience Boyshort
Hanky Panky $29
Pima Goddess Brief
Eberjey $20
Cotton Bikini 1402
On Gossamer $16
commando thong beige main.jpg
Commando Thong
Commando $20
Classic Tiny Thong
Commando $22
calida cotton-silhouette- white front.jpg
calida cotton-silhouette-nude boyshort front.jpg
comfort-25127-001-v copy.jpg
comfort-25124-001-v copy.jpg
hanky panky silky panty main.jpg
Silky Skin Panty
Hanky Panky $38
hanky panky french brief bge.jpg
Aubade Blue Thong Front.jpg
Chantal Thomass Enchens Bikini.jpg
Simone Perele Black Celeste Tanga Front.jpg
Celeste Tanga
Simone Perele $45
natori feathers hipster bge main.jpg
Merci Tanga 1749
Chantelle $24
Marlies Dekkers Black Dame De Paris Thong 1.jpg
Black Dame de Paris Thong
Marlies Dekkers $53
Aubade Blue Shorty Front.jpg
Kiss Kill Bond Knicker Back.jpg
Bond Zipper Knicker
Kiss Kill $55
Mimi Holliday Cage Knicker Front.jpg
Brass Heart Cage Knicker
Mimi Holliday $95
Kiss Kill Highwaist Addict Knicker Front.jpg
Aubade Rive Gauche Panty Back.jpg
Aubade Red Rive Gauche Panty Back.jpg
Chantal Thomass New Panty Front.jpg
Audacieuse High Waist Knicker
Chantal Thomass $75
Ewa Bien Navy Kiara Panty Front.jpg
Kiara Tanga
Ewa Bien $40
Ewa Bien Red Estra Panty Front.jpg
hanky panky bride shorty main.jpg
Bride Shorty
Hanky Panky $39
hanky panky i do blu thong main.jpg
I Do Low-Rise Thong
Hanky Panky $31
Kiss Kill Alexa Knicker Front.jpg
Mimi Holliday Orchid Knicker Back.jpg
Orchid Corset Knicker
Mimi Holliday $70
Mimi Holliday Orchid Thong Back.jpg
Orchid Lace Thong
Mimi Holliday $73
Simone Perele Pink Janipur Thong Front.jpg
Simone Perele Black Jaipur Thong Front.jpg
Jaipur Sheer Black Lace Thong
Simone Perele $65
Simone Perele Navy Wish Thong Front.jpg
Navy Wish Lace Thong
Simone Perele $50
KissKill Bond Thong Front.jpg
Bond Zipper G-String
Kiss Kill $51
Fortnight Black Ivy Knicker Front.jpg
Ivy Highwaist Knicker
Fortnight $62
Mimi Holliday Bisou Zoo Thong Profile.jpg
L'agent Red Vanesa Brief Front.jpg
Lagent Laurenta Bikini Back.jpg
Chantelle Champs Thong.jpg
Champs Elysees Thong
Chantelle $42
Chantelle Champs Boyshort Front.jpg
Panache Jasmine Floral Panty Front.jpg
Chantal Thomass Polka Dot Bikini Front.jpg
Polka Dot Enchen's Moi Bikini
Chantal Thomass $65
Marlies Dekkers Pastel Space Set Back.jpg
Pastel Space Odyssey Thong
Marlies Dekkers $50
Simone Perele Red Wish Thong Front.jpg
Red Wish Lace Thong
Simone Perele $50
Fleur Du Mal Panty Front.jpg
Sheer Mesh Cage Panty
Fleur Du Mal $85
L'agent Madalene Bikini Front.jpg
Marlies Dekkers Purple Dame Set Frotn.jpg
Lace Design Dame De Paris Thong
Marlies Dekkers $66
Chantal Thomass Flamingo Enchen's Moi Bikini.jpg
Flamingo Enchen's Moi Bikini
Chantal Thomass $65
Panache Andorra Panty Front.jpg
Adorra Lace Brief
Panache $34
Panache Ivory Ava Panty Front.jpg
Ava Lace Brief
Panache $34
Lagent White Amalea Thong Front.jpg
Marlies Dekkers Spider Set Front.jpg
Spider Cage Panty
Marlies Dekkers $105
L'Agent Adah Knicker Back.jpg
Naughty Adah Knicker
L'Agent $46
Fortnight Pink Panty Front.jpg
Chantelle Presage Pink Panty.jpg
Mimi Holliday Bisou Zoo Bikini Back.jpg
Bisou Bisou Sheer Mesh Bikini
Mimi Holliday $65
L'Agent Red Vanesa Thong Front.jpg
L'agent Madalene Thong Front.jpg
Only Hearts Coucou Panty Back.jpg
L'Agent Lusina Panty Front.jpg
Lusina Ouvert Panty
L'Agent $50

At La Petite Coquette, we offer a huge selection of panties, from thongs to boy shorts and briefs from the top lingerie brands in the world. We have the styles and sizes to fit any woman, occasion or outfit and they are all available to order online. Shopping for sexy women's panties has never been easier! Whatever styles, colors or fabrics you're looking for, we have the perfect pair of panties for you. Panty styles in every cut are available, making it simple to find the right pair of panties for any woman!

Thongs and G Strings
Shop for the perfect fitting thong. The most popular thong styles are available from Hanky Panky and other top lingerie brands. Our thong collection will allow you to find a super soft and stretchy thong that will be comfortable, sexy and won't show-through or bunch! Thongs leave the buttocks exposed and eliminate panty lines. Thong underwear is perfect for wearing under tight clothes and preventing underwear lines from showing. For something extra sexy, try browsing our selection of g-strings, like The Hanky Panky Signature lace low G-string, which have less coverage than regular thongs. 

Bikinis and Briefs
Brief panties have a waistline that rests at or just below the belly button, providing full back coverage. Sexy brief panty styles are also available. String bikini panties have a waistband that rests below the belly button and on the hips. The legs are often high-cut on these types of panties and vary from a narrow string to a thick side panel. Shop sexy bikini panties from lingerie brands like Hanky Panky, Hanro, Natori and much more!

Shorty Panties
Also called "boyshorts" shorty panties are a sexy, low rise panty that hugs the hips. If you're shopping for panties that look great under skirts and low-slung pants, a shorty style panty is a great fit.

French Knickers AKA Cheeky Shorty
French Knicker style panties feature wider sides and less fabric covering the bottom of the cheeks. These sexy panties are often made with lace, silk or satin.

All Cottton Panties
Great for warm weather, cotton is a great summer panty choice. All styles of cotton panties are a great everyday option throughout the year. Our selection of cotton panty styles features a huge variety of cuts and fits that all make for breathable, comfortable cotton underwear.