The book

The Book

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Dedicated to "the little flirt" in every woman.

Originally published in 2006 as The Lingerie Handbook, it's been updated and features a new preface.

The NEW edition Lessons in Lingerie - Finding Your Perfect Shade of Seduction, is your essential lingerie guide. From the sexy extremes-corsets, sheer chemises, balconets, blindfolds, bustiers, and ticklers-to the basics of bras, panties, slips, and shapewear. Lingerie expert Rebecca Apsan has revamped The Lingerie Handbook in order to satisfy the modern woman's fantasies and turn them into a reality.

""When I wrote the first edition of this book, I was already preaching the philosophy of dressing to undress-in fact, I dedicated a whole chapter to the topic. I believe that what we wear under our clothes has a profound effect on how we look and feel, whether or not our silky underpinnings have an audience. So while the main focus of this book is on how to invest in well-fitting foundational garments that not only feel great but also improve the fit of your clothes, I still say that a showstopping first layer can change a woman's universe. There is a coquette inside of each of us, and coaxing her out to play is what I do every day with the women who come to my shop"" RA

Here is a little taste from the new chapter The New Shades of Seduction...Dressing for the Boudoir...

A thirty-four-year old schoolteacher dresses for a night out with her husband. It's their anniversary, three years. She tucks a charcoal gray silk shell into a fitted black pencil skirt. Around her neck, she wears a beaded choker made of glistening Austrian crystal with a single strand that cuts vertically across her dcolletage and disappears into her blouse. But this is no ordinary necklace. It's actually a harness. A harness that runs the length of her torso to her waist, where it meets a lacy black garter belt and matching thong. She smoothes on a pair of sheer stockings and carefully clips them to her garters before turning to the nightstand where she has arranged her supporting cast for the evening: a stingray paddle, a sleek leather whip, and a pair of soft, feathered handcuffs. Sounds far-fetched, right? And yet...consider this: She's an Orthodox Jewish woman.

Women are welcoming kink into their bedrooms and experimenting with bondage and sexy accessories because, to put it plainly, it's hot. It's naughty, it's erotic, and it's exciting.

We've become so serious and virtuous, with our organic this and that, our East-meets-West, our juicing cleanses, and our overbooked calendars. We dutifully work on our relationships like they're our second jobs, wondering why things aren't quite as lustful as they used to be. It's high time we mixed it up and had a little fun.

That's what's so great about lingerie-it gives you permission to experiment with who you want to be behind closed doors. There's a coquette inside of each of us, and coaxing her out to play is what I do every day with the women who come to my shop.

Here at La Petite Coquette, we truly believe that sexy lingerie is not just for models, but for anyone who isn't afraid to do a little role play in the bedroom. Think of it as the new power suit for the bedroom. Here's to dressing... or shall we say undressing for success.