Best products for at home spa date night

Updated June 24th, 2022
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1. Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for a Deep Tissue Massage

Strong and powerful high-frequency vibration stimulation can penetrate deep fascia, comb muscle nodules, prevent muscle adhesion, and relax tight and stiff muscle tissue, greatly reducing pain and discomfort after exercise, and reawakening muscle vitality. Eliminate fatigue from the inside out, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable day.

TOLOCO Massage Gun

2. Massage Stones Set

Windfulogo 16Pcs Large Hot Massage Stones Set Natural Green Jade

3. Massager Tools

Massage tools are efficient traditional tools from Thailand where they are wellknow for therapy massage. Similar to a thumb saver but more creative and fun for your home spa date.

Cozinest Reflexology Traditional Wooden Thai Massager Tools

These wooden Thai massager are good massage tools for shoulder, face, hand, feet and other body parts. Smooth texture has no scratching or itching when it touches your skin.

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